Welcome to High Seas!

If you havent already downloaded the modpack - download it here: 

Our modpack!

HOW TO PLAY HIGH SEAS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3W9zXzcVn4

Welcome to High Seas! A lot of new players are having trouble getting started and finding their way around the treacherous waters that define the high seas! If you're trying to figure out how to get started, this is for you. 

Building a base

To Build a base, use the teleportation cannon located at spawn to randomly TP away, or use boats or build a ship and sail away! You will have to sail away pretty far to build, as the spawn and region around spawn are protected.

Making Boats

 Aside from the interesting vanilla boats, our modpack provides custom made boats! That means you can build a boat with blocks and then watch it set sail! Simply build your boat with wood and wool, then place a ship block. If it is a tiny ship, use a paddle to control the ship, if it is a small, medium or large ship, use a helm to steer. You will need sails made of wool for larger ships.


Raiding / stealing IS ALLOWED. Your boat can be stolen, your treasure can be taken and your village can be pillaged! Fear not, explosions are disabled in claimed land, so if you use the factions plugin to create a faction for your friends and yourself, you can protect your loot! HOWEVER: People can still open chests in claimed land, always make sure your loot is secure!


While donations are not required to play High Seas, they are a great way to get good loot and elevate yourself in the game. We offer many different donation ranks and donation extras. Visit our shop section at thehighseas.us/shop  or do /buy InGame!


Basically just use common sense. No advertising/spamming. No dupe glitching. No adding mods.We have multiple anti cheat systems in place to detect and punish hackers automatically, alongside multiple administrators that are always watching you! Use /rules to see a complete list of rules!